Don’t Get Into Gain Bitcoin Scam

Gain Bitcoin

Century of Innovations 

Twentieth century is considered to be the best when it comes to innovating things and ideas which have changed the overall perspective of day to day lives. This was the century wherein the greatest invention of all time took place as a result of which computers emerge on the surface and later on internet came into being. Today imagining life without the two looks pretty dull and incomplete. Without an iota of doubt both have revolutionized our ways of communications which has also shrunk the distances. We can now do the shopping through the use of internet while staying at our houses. This has paved the way for online trading as well which has astonishingly pushed its boundaries and as the time went by online trading industry has claimed a big chunk of pie from the traditional trading industry. 

Online trading Vs. Scams 

While there are great deal of advantages contained in online trading but with every advantage there are also disadvantages attached to it. There are people hiding in shadows who are waiting for the right moment and when that moment comes, they commit fraud by scamming innocent people. It is well-known now that India houses most of the scammers and is considered to be a safehouse for them. One cannot blame the entire nation because there are wolves in sheep clothing in every country, culture and every society. 

Get Your Money Back From Gain Bitcoin Scam
Get Your Money Back From Gain Bitcoin Scam
One such big time scammer goes by the name Amit K. Bharadwaj who is an investor from India and the founder of a multi-million dollar scam known as GainBitcoin Scam. This man single-handedly convinced crypto enthusiasts and asset owners from India and other parts of the world to become part of his GainBitcoin Scam. As a result of his grand ponzi scheme he managed to make people suffer losses of more than 300 Million USD. 

GainBitcoin Scam – A fraudster in reality 

If you google about GainBitcoin you will find so much material showing that GainBitcoin Scam is widely recognized. Let us look at how they have made people to believe in them who then invested their hard earned monies and/or in many reported cases people took loans from financial institutions to invest in fake cryptocurrency schemes being offered by GainBitcoin Scam. 

Why Bitcoin investors are easy targets 

Bitcoin is the first ever digital cryptocurrency which is unregulated. The concept of cryptocurrency is still know by few because it is quite complex to understand and takes considerable time for a person to fully understand the concept. However, why Bitcoin is famous, is known by majority and this is due to the fact that investment in Bitcoin has the potential of brining in bags full of profits. At the time of Bitcoin’s birth in 2009, many initial Bitcoin investors were able to make riches in a matter of few days and that too in less than period of 5 years. The incident enticed thousands of investors who then followed the footsteps of those benefitted investors in the hope that they too will make huge profits. 

GainBitcoin Scam - The founder facing the trial 

This fact is also well-known to the scammers who are familiar with the potential contained in crypto currency trading and that is why they devised and formulated ponzi schemes to defraud the people and steal their money. They create fake websites where they make false promises which never get fulfilled. GainBitcoin Scam has been doing the same i.e. making false promises and lured people to invest guaranteeing huge returns. However, it was clear that people were not going to receive what they were promised for. In the wake of year 2018, fortunately the scammer was arrested and is undergoing trial but this fake website was never closed. By the time this piece is being written, the website is still operating but now with a complete reset of agenda. 

What is done cannot be undone 

Now the ill-motivated website of GainBitcoin Scam is operating independently with the so-called mission of trending news and providing guidelines regarding bitcoin and blockchain technology. While admitting their guilt of being a scammer they are now pretending to be a source of providing updates and news so as to educate the people in terms of learning the cryptocurrency and its market. GainBitcoin Scam is now trying to undo the wrongs by presenting itself differently. However, their mission is same as was in the past – to scam innocent people one way or the other. 

Why GainBitcoin website is fake? 

If you go to this website you will notice that the “Contact Us” tab has nothing at all except for mentioning few email addresses. There are no phone numbers available which makes the website clumsy. In the “About Us” tab you would not be able to know from which part of the world this company has been carrying out its activities. And literally you cannot reach out anyone because they did not disclose any names nor there are any phone numbers mentioned. Therefore no one will be able to find out from where they are doing their activities. It is evident therefore that Gain Bitcoin hasn’t changed. It is still a GainBitcoin Scam which has left many innocent people penniless and at the same time made lives miserable for many. 

Word of Caution 

Nonetheless it is quite clear that GainBitcoin Scam has not changed although they have equipped themselves with an entirely new mission. At some point or the other they will take off the mask and show their real face to the world. However things have changed with the passage of time. Now in case people have been victimized by GainBitcoin Scam they have a way forward from which they can ensure return of their investment too. Don’t panic because is available. They comprise of highly trained and committed professionals who can ensure return of your investment and can help you differentiate between an authentic website and a fake one. 

What they do is that they initiate strong legal action on behalf of those who have been victimized by scams. Over the time many years they have helped thousands of victims to get back their money. 

If you have been victimized be rest assured that is there to help you so do not forget to reach out to them and avoid yourself from getting into GainBitcoin Scam.